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Writing–my best friend

I started keeping a journal when I was 15 years old, and now 48 years have passed since then. There were some gaps, some volumes I destroyed, some were lost, but I still continue my journal writing. When I try to stop, I find I can’t do without it. Writing is a witness to my life, a place to express my thoughts, ideas and feelings, and to get clarity on what action to take. The journals are also a source which I can use for writing for publication, for others to read, but essentially, they are private, and the most important part of anything I write.
If I ever reread them, they help me to remember the past. They indicate to me how much I have changed, how in many ways I am not the same person. And yet some essential things remain the same– an inquiring intellect, and a mind and heart seeking answers for all the oddities of the world.
Writing is my companion, my best friend.



A writer with ten published books and several articles, book reviews etc. I primarily write on history and religion, but also philosophical fiction.

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