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My writing space


My writing room is filled with books, most of which I use for reference. There is a desktop, with a wide screen on which I do all my writing. The desktop is usually  not connected to the internet. For the net, I use a laptop. This system keeps my data safe. I have a stack of paper, pens, a writing board, for when I occasionally write by hand. There is a printer/photocopy/scanner. It is a peaceful room, and has everything I need.  The windows open on to the back garden, enclosed for the outside cats. Sometimes the cats come in and lounge on the beds while I write. The side windows are closed as they overlook the house next door, and tall bookcases are arrayed along these windows.


A writer with twelve published books, on history, religion and philosophy, along with several articles, book reviews etc. My latest book is J Krishnamurti: A Life of Compassion Beyond Boundaries.

13 thoughts on “My writing space

  1. Yes, you have everything you need.
    Whenever possible here in Florida, I have all of our windows open…Even in the storage room. I need to air out everything when I can.
    I also would have my windows closed and covered if I had neighbors living next to me.
    You have the perfect setup.


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