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Why do I have this blog?

When I started this blog I had certain aims, and they remain constant. Mainly, I would like my books and my writing to be better known. Though I have a number of published books, which are available everywhere, I am quite reticent and withdrawn, and this is also an opportunity to interact with other writers. I don’t have a problem finding a publisher for anything I write, and I don’t have any dearth of ideas. However, I am thinking of self-publishing, to try out something new, and to have more control over my books. I am a good editor, and an excellent proof reader, so I feel I can produce a good book on my own–and this blog may help me to find an audience. I will gradually turn it into a   website–I already have a domain name, but am not sure how to integrate it here.

I have other blogs, but the plus point here is the guidance one gets, and the interaction with others.



A writer with ten published books and several articles, book reviews etc. I primarily write on history and religion, but also philosophical fiction.

7 thoughts on “Why do I have this blog?

  1. Love your goals. I have become a hermit in my surrroundings at home. I rarely socialize with anyone else, except for the brief hellos when I see someone we work with or at the little country store. I spend days/weeks at home…It started out because of my illness and has become a way of life.
    I am just happier this way.
    When I strted this blog, I only meant to write and have a way of keeping things organized. If someone interacted that would be great.
    Now, I find myself searching for blogs to read. I want to experience the world.
    Roshen, Have a wonderful weekend.

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