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Out of a million quotes

” I suppose I’m one of those who sees chess as a form of therapy. Sometimes I wonder what people like you, people who don’t play chess, do to escape from depression and madness.”

from: The Flanders Panel, by Arturo Perez-Reverte.

I could think of a hundred or even a thousand meaningful quotes on which to base a post. Yesterday they flowed through my mind, quotes from texts of all kinds, quotes from poems, new and old, but today as I sat at my computer to begin work, I knew this was an important quote for me.

In the morning I think over things to be done, things unlikely to get done, and plans I need to make. It could lead to confusion at times. Then I open my laptop, connect to the net, and look at my online chess games–there are ten or fifteen on two different sites, and I just need to make one move in each. I don’t ponder much over the moves, it takes me about ten minutes or less, but at the end of it, my mind is clear and calm. And sharper and more focused. And then I can begin writing.

I had posted that quote on a chess website and many chess players responded and said that chess in fact drove them crazy! I think it is when they are focused on winning, and not on playing, not on seeing the beauty of combinations on the 64 squares on thatImage1356 board. I am not sure if chess is therapy for me, but it is certainly a great way to start the day.

Does anyone else have a similar strategy to get started?



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