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A Baking Class!

Crazy things are happening in the world and in India. Instead of focusing on that I have signed up for an online baking class! Not sure whether I will get around to actually baking anything, but I liked the idea of trying something different. Supposed to be good for the brain, to try out something new.

I don’t spend much time cooking, and on the whole am a poor cook. Its difficult even for me to understand why I like watching cooking programmes on TV.

And a baking class? Incomprehensible!

Lets see what happens–I’ll provide some updates here.



A writer with ten published books and several articles, book reviews etc. I primarily write on history and religion, but also philosophical fiction.

2 thoughts on “A Baking Class!

  1. Thanks Kamal. Whether I bake or not, the course will certainly generate some thoughts on food. And recently I have been thinking and speaking on the history of certain foods…


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