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Signing other people’s books!


I am not sure if any other author has experienced this—Recently I was invited to a book fair held at a local school, and an announcement was made that I was available to sign books. A few people did buy my books and bring them to me to sign, but many more brought me other authors’ books! At first I refused but they seemed so disappointed. A compromise was worked out. I would sign at the back of other authors’ books, and in the front for my own. Then there was someone who kept waiting, he said, for my signature, even after I had signed. He expected a fancy and complicated signature, not the simple way I sign.

One 12th class student announced, as she gave me another person’s books to sign, that she had finished with history as she was going to be an accountant. Can one ever finish with history? That may be the topic of my next talk. I had earlier spoken to them about sources in the context of Ashoka, his grand inscriptions, and his policy of dhamma. Could one ever forget him, and so much else of the past?



A writer with ten published books and several articles, book reviews etc. I primarily write on history and religion, but also philosophical fiction.

2 thoughts on “Signing other people’s books!

  1. I’ve never heard of authors being asked to sign others’ books before, but I can see how buyers at a book fair might be tempted to collect signatures. Were any other authors present?

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