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People in history


My interest in history began with a fascination with the ancient world, particularly of Egypt and India, and with myths, legends and religious texts. One went on to focus on socio-economic history, and to look at the factors that shaped religion and other aspects of the past, and my next specialisation was the fascinating subject of historical geography.

Yet somewhere along the way my focus turned to people, the people who adorned the pages of history,  and the millions who didn’t. There were just so many, who did their best, who contributed so much, who lived and died, and who today are rarely remembered. Many founded new religions, others started reformist movements. There were kings and leaders, both good and bad, and with time they all faded into the past. There were even children, who formed part of historical movements, and who, as we see today, are recruited into wars, and suffer as a byproduct of conflicts they hardly understand.

When I came across the sentence quoted below, it seemed to make sense to me, to give the lives of those forgotten souls, some value and dignity.

‘This galaxy of human genius that enriches and beautifies the pages of history is at the same time the glory and the hope of all mankind, for we know that these greater ones are the forerunners of the rest.’ C. W. Leadbeater, from The Masters and the Path.