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Current projects–And the odd ways of cats

There are always a hundred ideas or more in my brain on what to write, but of course organizing and writing anything is a slow process. Right now I am still winding up my article on Zoroastrianism, and tentatively thinking of expanding it into a book. Now, at some time in the distant past, I must have had the same idea. I don’t remember this, and obviously hadn’t worked much on it.

For a few days one of the cats has been busy opening a cupboard and throwing things out of it. I noticed they were index cards, that I used to use long before there were computers, but didn’t bother to read them till today. And what to I find when I finally go through them? Part of a bibliography on Zoroastrianism in India. Each card has a reference to a book, neatly written by me, and classified alphabetically. There is so much stuff that I haven’t gone through that I didn’t know they were in the cupboard till the cat threw them out!

Anyway before that I have to once again read through and finalize my first novel. I had taken a break in order to look at it through fresh eyes.